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I have been teaching high school English in a Pennsylvania public school district for over 30 years. I taught and I've learned! I'm currently contemplating retirement, but I feel as if my work is not yet done. I'm old fashioned in my teaching style and wary of students always finding the easiest means to their end, whether that be technology or something else. There's lots to be learned in the progress of learning. I love for kids to read and read and read. I also love for them to discuss, and argue, and comprehend, and synthesize, and write it all down. I'm interested in others' opinions of the direction education is going and what the future holds for public school kids, private school kids, and all teachers.

Are You Fascinated by Your Students’ Fascination with Their Smart Phones?

I had a student ask me if we were “doin’ anything important today.” When I ask him why he would ask, his response was, “Cuz I’m right in the middle of a movie, and I wanted to watch it in … Continue reading

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oh what a year!

  Orwell’s “1984” and Trump’s America In January of 2017,  The New Yorker published Adam Gopnick’s article, “Orwell’s ‘1984’ and Trump’s America,” comparing Orwell’s Oceania to today’s America.  The author begins with a confession that he was never a real … Continue reading

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A Bundle of Activities for Christmastime

Here are SIX beautiful and engaging PowerPoint presentations in a bundle.  They are great for when the kids get wound up in anticipation of the holidays. Bundle of Christmas PowerPoint Presentations

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TpT Sale

Stop by to browse resources for Christmastime and 2018! O Some Great Stuff for English Teachers 20% OFF ALL STORE RESOURCES!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmastime is here!  Merry Christmas everyone! Don’t you love the traditions of Christmas? Finding the perfect tree, laughing over the crafted ornaments from the kids’ elementary years (the wreath made of puzzle pieces with a picture of my beautiful toothless … Continue reading

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My first blog post

Well hello there!  I will eventually have something terribly poignant to say, but for now I’m just practicing.  I’m a slow learner when it comes to technology, so come visit again in a month or two.  Thank you!  Teachers Pay … Continue reading

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